About The Painter
Pierre Louis Laiche was born in New Orleans in 1942.  Pierre comes from a very large family.  His grandmother had 16 children, eight boys and eight girls.  The Laiche family was some of the first settlers in South Louisiana, arriving in 1732.  Pierre was educated in private Christian Brothers Schools, graduating in 1960.  When he was a young child he loved art and he was always drawing.  When he was ten years old his aunt brought him to Jackson Square to teach him about the French Quarter.  Pierre saw an artist painting a portrait and sipping wine in the Square.  Excited and inspired by seeing
that artist, he told his aunt one-day he was going to be a painter.  It was always his dream.
For 15 years, Pierre worked in construction industry and he served in the Army in the late 1960ís honorably discharged in 1970.  Every chance he got he practiced his drawing and painting skills.  Pierre bought some paints and started to paint on shingles and slates salvaged from the roofs of old buildings in New Orleans.  The slates were easy to get and easy to paint on.
In 1973 Pierre inspired by his wife Vivian, decided to go back to Jackson Square to market his art.   After a few years of hard times he began to make a living with his slate paintings.   Pierre believes his dreams have come true.  He has been a Jackson Square licensed painter for many years now and still enjoys the art and the interaction with the people he meets.


15-20" - $1000-1800
15-20" - $1000-1800
10-15" - $750-1200
15-20" - $1000-1800
12-16" - $600-1000
10-15" - $600-1000
20-28" - $3000-5000
15-20" - $1000-1800
15-20" - $1000-1800
12-16" - $850-1300
20-28" - $3000-5000
10-15" - $700-120


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Paintings on 200 years old New Orleans slate roof tiles