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The joy of painting in French Quarter

Some of the painters come to Jackson Square at 5 AM to secure most desired spot at this main tourist destination in New Orleans.  Other group waits till the afternoon when the scorching heat from the sun dissipates.   They gather in their own groups, however, like a family they know each other well.   The variety of paintings is astounding.   Tourists can find their favorite styles and techniques in paintings.   The front row before St. Louis Cathedral is traditionally occupied by musicians and "tarot" fortune tellers.   Two flanks connecting St. Louis Cathedral with Decatur street are designated to painters.   The Decatur street hosts live shows and carriage rides.   Because of it's small size the Jackson Square is live with sounds of music and continuous interaction of various talents and those who come to see them.   Lily arrives late afternoon and she is well welcome by her best friends.   Her paintings are vibrant with color and carry deep influence of New Orleans culture.

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