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How to Purchase Items from this Web

        Please send an e-mail to requesting the quantity of the selected SKU items.

        We will respond in two ways:

                  1 - With an e-mail confirming that the selected items are reserved for 10 days.
                  2 - We will also send a PayPal invoice that includes a "Pay Now" button.
                        Our customers can use the PayPal created invoice to pay quickly by debit/credit card
                        (if the customer does not have a PayPal account) or by PayPal balance or PayPal Credit.
                        This invoice is generated on the PayPal website. The entire transaction is governed by PayPal
                        security and processes thus making it a safe payment transaction.
                        In other words - PayPal will process the payment.
          Shipping: For purchases $100 and over shipping is FREE. Otherwise add $3.50 per order.
                         Maximum order is limited to $5000


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